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East New York Farms!

The mission of East New York Farms! (ENYF!) is to organize youth and adults to address food justice in the East New York community of Brooklyn by promoting local sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development. ENYF! is a project of the United Community Centers in partnership with local residents. They’ve been working with youth, gardeners, farmers, and entrepreneurs to build a more just and sustainable community since 1998. During the Food Dignity research project, their programs included: community gardens throughout East New York neighborhoods, many of which produced food for ENYF! farmers markets, and were supported with workshops, resources, and assistance from ENYF!-engaged youth; an annual, intensive 9-month youth internship program for 35 young people who engage in hands-on learning centered around environment, health, community development, leadership, and social justice; community education in which community educators provide cooking demonstrations, presentations, and gardening workshops to educate our neighbors about how to grow, prepare, and preserve healthy food; operation of three urban farms and one garden in East New York to increase access to locally grown produce, as well as to provide opportunities to learn, gather, and volunteer; two community-run farmers markets making fresh food available and affordable, while building the local economy and creating places for neighbors to meet and greet; a composting program through which food scraps are collected year-round to process into nutrient-rich compost for farms and gardens in East New York to grow organic produce.

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