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University of Wyoming was the awardee in the Food Dignity project, with Christine M. Porter as the project director and principal investigator. University of Wyoming (UW), Cornell University, Ithaca College, and University of California Davis were the academic organizations that partnered in the project.

Food Dignity was what USDA calls an “integrated” project, meaning it blended research, education and extension. The five community-based organization partners led the extension components as community organizing and collaborated with the academic partners on research about doing that work.

The academic partners were responsible for leading the formal education components though most of these activities were also in collaboration with the community organizations. This section of the website lists the individual academic collaborators and shares background and resources about that formal education work in the new minors in sustainable food systems at UW and Cornell, our engaged learning and internship efforts, the work of graduate students, and materials for individual courses we developed.


See also the learning guides we have developed around some our Food Dignity results and products.

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