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Feeding Laramie Valley

Feeding Laramie Valley (FLV) programs are dedicated to the mission and philosophy of sharing the best of what everyone has in order to create collaborative, community-led food systems that are sustainable, equitable, and just. A program of the grassroots nonprofit organization, Action Resources International, FLV is committed to working toward creating a sustainable and local food system and to promoting food security throughout the Rocky Mountain Region––with particular emphasis given to the community it calls home, Albany County, Wyoming. Since its founding in 2009, FLV continues to address its mission through the development of new community gardens, increased food production efforts as well as growing, rescuing, and donating high-quality locally grown produce that is shared with individuals and families, with special focus on elders, children, and people living with chronic illness. With a broader goal of developing a just and secure food system, FLV offers a free summer lunch program in the summer, year-round educational workshops and events, and provides garden mentoring to people living with chronic health conditions. During its five-year participation as a community partner site with the Food Dignity research project, FLV established an in-depth, year-round intern and apprenticeship program for university students and community members of all ages from high school age upward. FLV also created a Community Voice Journalism project through which community food project interviews are conducted, recorded, and disseminated as a means of maintaining the community’s rich history with producing and distributing healthy, fresh produce in the challenging geographical environment of the high elevation and short growing season of Laramie Valley and the surrounding mountains. All FLV programs are predicated on the belief that people who are living with the problems FLV is working to help address are the same people who hold the expertise and the answers to those problems.

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