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Follow links in the outline of our website below.


I.    Home


II.   About

a.     Guiding values

b.     Navigating this site

c.     Investigative team

III. Communities remaking food systems

a.     Blue Mountain Associates (BMA)

b.     Dig Deep Farms (DDF)

c.      East New York Farms! (ENYF)

d.     Feeding Laramie Valley (FLV)

e.     Whole Community Project (WCP)

IV.  Academics

a.      Academic team members

b.      Formal education

i.        Sustainable food system minors

ii.       Engaged learning & Internships

iii.      Graduate students

iv.      Course materials

v.       Learning guides

V.      Results

k.     Approaches

v.       Developing guiding values

vi.      Project administration

vii.     Partnership methods

viii.    Research methods

l.      Lessons

ix.      About remaking food systems

x.       About community-university partnerships

m.    Products by place, type, and topic

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