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Our approaches

When partners in the Food Dignity project have traveled to present at conferences and participate in food justice workshops, people have usually expressed at least as much interest in how we formed and fostered our action-research collaboration as in the outcomes about our primary research question (how do, can and should communities work to create more sustainable, equitable and food secure communities).


With so many diverse people and organizations working together, we did learn quite a bit about our secondary research question. When we started, the principal investigator framed that question as exploring the role of universities in supporting communities in their food justice work. Over the first two years, however, we narrowed that to focus on what we were learning in our own collaboration specifically - what are means for creating more equitable community-university collaborations in research, action and education.

The pages below share our approaches to our collaboration and to the research we conducted within it.

Developing guiding values

How we identified our collaborative guiding values together.

Project administration

How we managed funding.

Partnership methods

Our attempts to build an equitable community-university action and research partnership for food justice.

Research methods

How we went about answering our research questions.

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