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Top of Academic team members

Academic team members

University of Wyoming, Cornell University, Ithaca College, and University of California, Davis were the academic organizations that partnered in the Food Dignity project. Individual collaborators at each institution are listed below.


University of Wyoming

  • Christine M. Porter (project director and principal investigator, community & public health)

  • Alyssa Wechsler (project coordinator & research scientist)

  • Peggy McCrackin (MS student with Porter)

  • Elisabeth “Livy” Lewis (MS student with Porter)

  • Shannon Conk (MS student with Porter)

  • Melvin Arthur (MS student with Porter)

  • Lacey Gaechter (MS student with Porter)

  • Jill Lovato, Deborah Paulson, Maggie Bourque & Rachael Budowle (co-investigators on the new minor, environmental and natural resources)

  • Bill Gribb (co-investigator, geography)

  • Urszula Norton (co-investigator 2011-13, plant sciences)

  • Kent Becker (Photovoice advisor, 2011)

  • Leslie Montoya & Cheryl Geiger (project coordinator and research assistant, 2011-13)


Cornell University

  • Monica Hargraves (project-wide leader, evaluation & economics)

  • Scott Peters (co-investigator, development sociology)

  • Suzanne Gervais (project coordinator & research scientist, nutrition)

  • Phil McMichael (co-investigator, development sociology)

  • John Armstrong (PhD student with Peters, adult education & community development)

  • Megan Gregory (PhD student with Drinkwater, plant sciences)

  • Laurie Drinkwater (co-investigator, plant sciences)

  • Heather Scott (co-investigator and research scientist with Drinkwater, plant sciences)

  • Rachel Bezner-Kerr (co-investigator on new minor, development sociology)

  • Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman (coordinator of new minor, development sociology)

  • Jonathan Russell-Anelli (co-investigator on new minor, soil sciences)

  • David Pelletier (Gervais supervisor, nutrition)


 Ithaca College

  • Alicia Swords (co-investigator, sociology)

  • Amy Frith (co-investigator, health promotion)

  • Julia Lapp (co-investigator, health promotion)

  • Elan Shapiro (collaborator, lecturer)


University of California, Davis

  • Katherine “Katie” Bradley (PhD student with Ryan Galt & post-doc with Food Dignity, geography)

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