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East New York Farms! Team Members

Sarita Daftary began working with the East New York Farms! Project in September 2003, and became Project Director in March 2006. Sarita graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in sociology and government. She is a graduate of the Leadership New York Fellowship organized by Coro New York and the Leadership Caucus of the Community Resource Exchange. Sarita oversaw ENYF!'s role in the Food Dignity research project during its first four years.

David Vigil began working at East New York Farms! in the role of farm manager, and took over as Director in 2013, following Sarita Daftary-Steel stepping down.

Daryl Marshall served the Food Dignity action research project as ENYF!'s Community Organizer and Youth Worker. Daryl was introduced to the East New York Farmers' Market by way of being a vendor. He participated in trainings and workshops held by the organization. Daryl is an active community member who has volunteered with parent groups in the area. He is a proud native New Yorker, enjoyed watching the Food Dignity project help ENYF! change the local food landscape.  


Daryl also enjoys work with youth, believing that many times they believe in order to make a change they have to wait until adulthood. At ENYF! they have an opportunity to start now. One of Daryl's roles is to encourage them to be respectful. Not only to their peers, but adults and seniors also. Additionally, Daryl believes that having them understand what they consume or use can affect their future. 


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